Welcome! is a new, open source web app and "innovation community" inspired by Steven Johnson's new book entitled, Where Good Ideas Come From . If you haven't already watched his masterful presentation at TED, please do so now (it's right below).

As I announced in this blog post, I'm launching to put the principles Steven Johnson talks about into practice. In Good Ideas, he suggests the following:

"...create an open database of hunches, the Web 2.0 version of the traditional suggestion box. A public hunch database make every passing idea visible to everyone else. Others can comment or expand on those ideas, connecting them with their own hunches..."

You're Looking at Version 1.0 of That Software

The goal is simple: Provide an open environment where ideas can connect and grow.

Here's what makes different: We are crowdsourcing the site from the very start. Not just the ideas, but the development of the site itself.

It started about a week ago in the comments section of my blog post. Based on that input, I built a basic structure. Users can now log in, create hunches, add tags and post comments. This allows us to develop the site further. In other words, the site will unfold from itself.

Which means I need your help to push things forward.

All you have to do is add a hunch (click the sticky-note icon above) and tag it with "". Your suggestion will enter the mix and join all the other ideas.

The community will then bubble up things they want to implement. We'll slowly introduce new features and see how people respond.

Simple for a Reason

Since this is an crowdsourced app, I didn't want to impose my own vision on the project too early in the process. (I already do that on all my other apps). Instead, I chose to keep things simple. After all, it's not my app. It's yours. I think it will be far more interesting to watch the site meander through various iterations, adapting to the crowd along the way and using itself to evolve.

So get ready. The design will change. The interface will change. The features will change. The way users interact will change. will be an ever-changing story. But that's what's great: who knows where this will lead?

Bottom line: We're going to crowdsource the development of the software itself and through that process, build a platform that works to refine any idea, large or small.

What Are Your Goals?

How would you use to log your ideas, slow hunches and snippets of inspiration? How could fill in the missing piece of a creative puzzle? Could it help you brainstorm with others? Validate an idea you had for a story? Connect your idea with hunches from unrelated disciplines? Could it help you test a new product idea?

How could we use to crowdsource any idea?

Before you click here to sign up , (it's free of course) I'll leave you with this thought from the book...

"Innovation prospers when ideas can serendipitously connect and recombine with other ideas, when hunches can stumble across other hunches that successfully fill in their blanks."

Help Me Build That.