The Story

It all started with a hunch.

A few months back, Seth Godin unveiled an idea for a new iPad app. He called it the " iPad App of My Dreams". After some interest from readers, he created a wiki page to refine the idea. A finished app emerged. But the wiki page felt clunky. It didn't feel like the right tool for the job.

That's when I had my slow hunch: "What if there were a web app that allowed non-developers to collaborate on app ideas? Users could suggest a new app idea or suggest improvements to an existing app. Other users could then upvote good ideas and better apps would come to market."

As a Ruby on Rails developer, I was excited to use a platform like this to develop and improve my own web applications.

Instead of having multiple apps with a separate "suggestion forum" in each one, what if I could centralize them all in one external platform? Sure, sort of does this, but I wanted a more flexible application - one that could be used for more than customer support. I wanted an app that could help connect ideas of any kind.

So I sketched out some ideas and made a feature list. But my slow hunch remained dormant for months. Until a few days ago, when I discovered Where Good Ideas Come From.

What Makes SlowHunch Different?

First, it's open source (I'll be hosting the source code on Github soon), 100% public and free. It's an open environment.

Second, it's a crowdsourced app from day one. What you're looking at now is a starting point. It's a barebones "structure" that we as a community can build upon.

Finally, the goal of isn't to simply capture notions and notes. Plenty of apps do that already. No, the big idea behind SlowHunch is that it connects ideas and enables them to cross-pollinate and build upon other ideas. This is a site for developing ideas, not just recording them.

How we pull this off? What will the "algorithm" be? That's something we are going to decide as a community. Which is why we need your input.

If you haven't already, sign up and make your voice heard. It's free.

Once you're in the app, add your hunch to the list. Don't worry: your idea doesn't need to be fully-formed. Just get your hunch out there.

We'll do the rest.